Safeguarding Living With Dementia.

Safe and Found Online incorporates The Herbert Protocol, a nationwide Police safeguarding initiative for people living with dementia.

Why is it needed.

"Of the half million people in the UK with dementia who live in their own homes, more than 40% will get lost at some point" – University of Southampton, April 2018

Every minute counts when the Police are involved in looking for someone when they are reported missing, particularly if they are living with dementia. It takes precious time to collect all the information needed before they can begin their search. In the past this could take several hours, Safe and Found Online reduces this to a few seconds.

Working with the Police.

We’ve worked directly with the Police to adapt their risk reduction tool called The Herbert Protocol. This form, which the Police do not hold, contains important information about a vulnerable person such as their weekly routines, medical requirements and favourite places to visit. We’ve created a digital ‘on line’ version, so in the very stressful event of your loved one going missing you won’t have to find the form and read from it. The Police will have instant access to the information and so begin a search straight away.

Who is it for.

Nothing is more worrying than when a loved one goes missing, or isn’t back home when expected - particularly if they are living with dementia. Safe and Found Online has been developed so you can be sure that if the Police have been called they’ll have all the information they need instantly, together with up to date location technology to help get your loved one home.

About Dementia.