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Please read below to find answers to our frequently asked questions.


What does SAFO cost?

Safe and Found Online is a free service.

Who has access to the information?

The information entered into the personal profile is completely confidential. The Police are only allowed to access the person’s profile if they are reported missing. This is a pre-condition of the registration process, without giving this permission a personal profile cannot be created.

How Do I Register and Complete the Form?

Please go to How To Use page.

How Do I Know My Information Has Been Saved?

Always make sure to click the light blue Save button before moving on to the next page on the menu you wish to complete.

How Can I Check All My Information Has Been Saved?

Simply Log Off and Log back In to view each page and view the full profile.

Can I Change or Add Information Once Registered?

Log In and select which page(s) you wish to add to or edit, save and then Log Off.

What Do I Do If My Loved One Goes Missing?

Please go to the Going Missing page.

I have another question not covered above

Please contact us on or call on 0330 460 9619 between 17:00 and 08:00.

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