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Why do we need Safe and Found Online?

When someone goes missing, the police will try to find them and return then to a safe place. To do this, information is key and by completing a form with as much detail as possible, it will enable the police to look in the most likely places to find them as quickly as possible. If you need to make a missing person report to the police, this can be stressful experience and it is much easier to give the information to the police on a form that has been filled out when you are calm and relaxed, when you are less likely to omit critical information.

What to do to when a Safe and Found member is missing?

Once you have done a quick check of the immediate area around their home and garden, or where they were last seen, then you should call 999 immediately:-

Explain the missing person has dementia and quote their Safe and Found Online Membership Number if you have it available.

Other important information if you have it, will be:- · What they are wearing? · When and where they were last seen? · Do you think they will use public transport – if so what will it be?

The Missing Persons Information Hub is a website designed to give you all the information you are likely to need and has information about the agencies that can support you. It also has guidance for families and friends.

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