The Herbert Protocol.

The Herbert Protocol is a national initiative to help safeguard those living with dementia and put measures in place to ensure that key information is readily available to assist police and other agencies in searching for individuals should they get lost or go missing and help promote their safe return.

Missing Persons.

There are on average 505 missing from home reports per month in Cheshire. Approximately 5% are over 65 years old and the majority of these live with dementia.

It is estimated that each missing person report costs the Police £1,500 in officer time, which does not take into account other costs such as air support.

High risk missing person incidents take priority over other incidents, are resource heavy to promote the best opportunity of finding the person safe and well, and often protracted incidents. This impacts on other policing tasks and service to the public.

Dementia in the UK.

There are currently an estimated 850,000 people with dementia in the UK. With the diagnosis rate having almost doubled in the last 2 years, this is expected to rise to 1 million by 2025. At least 66% of these people will be living at home in the community as opposed to in a care home.

Cheshire Police are currently working with us at Safe and Found Online, we are looking to take the Herbert Protocol to the digital world. Safe and Found Online are proving a unique system in 2 halves, the Herbert Protocol online and a free GPS tracking app (Android & iOS).

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The Herbert Protocol Online.

The application allows the information contained within the Herbert Protocol profile to be stored in a secured third party website.

The product has the look and feel similar to a Facebook type profile, allowing the user, or their family, to keep their information up to date with regards deteriorating condition, changes to medication, places frequented and recent photographs.

The user would not have to keep a paper copy of the Herbert Protocol and be provided with a URN.

In the event of a missing episode, they contact the call centre passing the URN giving immediate access to all of the information stored within their personal online profile.

This information is then passed to the Police, which can be accessed via an app on a mobile device.

GPS tracking app (Android & iOS).

This feature linked to the online profile acts as a gateway to any Android or iOS device with GPS that provides real time information accurately showing on a map the location of the device via the secure website.

The online Herbert Protocol alongside real time GPS information can be made available to anyone who has access to the secure website and can only be activated if the person is reported missing.

This allows the effective deployment of officers to help locate the missing person.

About Dementia.