It's a unique two part system.

Safe and Found Online is unique in that it automatically transfers all mapping information direct to Police control rooms. So, if your loved one has a device with our app and is reported missing, the Police will be able to see exactly where they are.

An online profile - utilising The Herbert Protocol.

Once the profile is completed we’ll securely store this key data on your behalf and with your permission only release it to the Police if the person registered as our 'User' is reported missing. By making this Information immediately available to the Police Safe and Found Online will reduce the time it takes to begin a search to just a matter of seconds.

Free GPS tracking app (Android & iOS).

We fully support people with dementia using technology which allows them to continue living an independent life. Part of Safe and Found Online includes a location function just like those on social media sites and popular fitness apps. Download our app on your loved one's smart phone and it instantly becomes a tracking device.

About Dementia.