Safeguarding people
Living With Dementia

is the web based version of ‘The Herbert Protocol’ the nationwide Police scheme established to help find those who are at risk of going missing, including people who live with dementia.

We have partnered with to create a digital form that is secure and easy to use.


Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is a form designed by the Police to ensure key information is available to them when they are searching for people who are lost or have gone missing.

The idea is for carers, family members and friends to complete a form which records vital information on a person who is at risk of going missing. The Police will only ever ask for the form if the person is reported to them as missing.

It is a national initiative and has been adopted by 95% of UK Police Forces. The form is available to download from each force, details of which are available here:-

Day134 - Wolverhampton city centre officers on patrol by westmidlandspolice
licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Why Use Us

We've worked directly with the Police to adapt The Herbert Protocol. is a digital ’on line’ version and has a number of advantages:-

1. In the very stressful event of a loved one going missing you won't have to find the form and read out any of the information on it – the Police will have instant access and begin a search straight away.

2. If your loved one has a smart phone or tracking device you can allow the Police to see the location information these collect in a matter of seconds.

3. You can easily update information online (e.g. a change of weekly routine) without needing to change an existing form or having to get another one.

Day 85 – West Midlands Police – Modern day Resoruce Allocator and Depatchers (RADs) by westmidlandspolice licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

How It Works

We’ve set out all the important information in the style of a Facebook type profile, allowing the user, or their family, to keep information up to date e.g. from changes to medication and places visited to any GPS devices or social media accounts.